2nd April

Easter Monday bank holiday. No plans.

Was a little stiff this morning and was going to take today as a rest day but by lunchtime I felt looser and decided to have a recovery session on the elliptical trainer. 30 minutes on hills mode L12 360 Kcals. Was then feeling pretty good so managed Strength training session II as well.

So far its been a decent start back training 3 days in the last 4.

Nutrition has been good too focussing on low carb high protein and can see a difference in the mirror after 3 days.

Need to keep the momentum up this week back in London. So the plan is…

  • Tuesday – rest day as leaving for London at 6am.
  • Wednesday – stationary bike before work
  • Thursday – no boxing this week so probably a row or a run.
  • Friday – stationary bike before work
  • Saturday – new turbo arriving so will get that set up and possibly do an interval (HIT) session.
  • Sunday tbc

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